Monday, February 7, 2011

On Cooking at Home

Working in the publishing industry makes it very easy to become a book hoarder. Luckily I’ve been able to pick and choose cookbooks that work for me without going overboard. I could easily live on fish tacos, black bean tortas, and Vietnamese food, but life requires variety so we cook adventurously in our kitchen. We also cook only vegetarian meals. Here are a few of our favorite books. We reference them every Saturday when we plan out our weekly menu.

I've found that planning menus for the week makes incorporating variety and experimenting with recipes much easier. I love this retro meal planner. It's both charming and incredibly functional. We plan our meals on the front and I create a shopping list to take to the store on the back. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to make fun of cooking at home--the chef this week?

Isn't this windowsill garden made from tea canisters awesome? She also has some great advice on windowsill gardening in general. (Found via Urban Food Producer). I can't wait to begin planting in the spring. My goal this year is to add some hearty kale to our tiny kitchen window.

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